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Renew your wooden floors in Upminster

                                                                                 The Hall is an impressive timber-framed Elizabethan building...


On the subject of timber...the natural wooden floor adds charm and beauty to many a property, as well providing a hard-wearing surface.  So make sure its looks are worthy of its surroundings - by removing those nasty digs and scratches and shabby appearance.

With specialist wood floor repair and restoration from:

                                                                                                         The Upminster Floor Sanding Masters!

Wherever your floor lies: in the home or a public building such as a school, office, shop, library, gallery, bar or restaurant.

It will be in the safe hands of a family firm who have restored hundreds of floors for over twenty years.

Whether solid /engineered boards or herringbone/parquet blocks.

No matter how old or poor their condition.

We’ll give you the best advice on your floor’s restoration needs.

Along with the complete restoration service

Resetting loose boards or blocks

Repairing and replacing damaged timber

Gap filling - for an even look

Removing old layers of paint or sealant.

 Have no fears about mess and disruption.

Dust is history - as we ensure 99% dust free sanding!

We can also work flexibly - at weekends or overnight - to minimise disruption to your domestic or commercial schedule.

As well as shifting furniture and disposing of old carpets.

The smooth wood is then ready for staining, if you require a fresh colour.  Go for lighter or darker to match your decor.

Resealing for protection

Choose your sealant for the mix of beauty and hard wear you require:

natural oil; hard wax oil; lacquer

The highest quality job:

By applying only premium stains and sealants to the highest degree of workmanship - your new floor will prove a valuable investment.

After care:

Maintaining your floor will prolong its life and looks.  Ask us for our advice as to how you can keep it in good condition.

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                                                                                                    The Upminster Floor Sanding Experts!


Upminster Hall has been the clubhouse of the golf club since 1928.  It has a fine interior, including a splendid wooden staircase.

The Church of St Laurence has medieval glass and a selection of good brasses from Tudor and Stuart times.  Grace Latham of 1626 has a beautiful dress with a wide collar.  More up to date is the tomb of Luther Holden, who was President of the Royal College of Surgeons.

Perhaps the building’s best feature is its impressive 13th century tower.  Its first floor stands on two massive posts and a big beam.

Other old wood may be seen in the door to the turret and 15th century fragments in one of the medieval screens.

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assistance available 24/7

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